LAVA V1 - deprecated

LAVA V1 - deprecated

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LAVA V1 is the collective name for the LAVA support which involves JSON submissions, deploy_linaro_kernel and associated actions, Bundles, BundleStreams, Filters and Image Reports (including Image Reports 2.0).

End Of Life for LAVA V1

Migration to V2 started with the 2016.2 release as the new codebase grew and improved. We are now reaching the end of this long process. As announced, LAVA V1 is now (September 2017) being retired, in the following steps:

  • 2017.9 is the last release of LAVA which will support running V1 test jobs.
  • 2017.10 will not support running V1 test jobs, but will include support for providing a read-only archive of V1 test data.
  • 2017.11 will be the first release of LAVA which is V2 only. It will contain no support for accessing V1 data and this V1 documentation will be removed.
  • 2017.12 will permanently delete all V1 test data from the database upon installation.

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